Discover 5 types of orgasms with our girls relax in Marbella

Did you know that women can experience 5 types of orgasms? Well yes. And our girls relax in Marbella can teach you what they are and how to provoke them, in addition to spending a very pleasant evening. Go ahead and try it out!

It is easy to unnotice all orgasms that escorts in Marbella can experiment if you always do the same positions. But there is a solution thanks to the tips and techniques of our girls relax in Marbella . These are girls who will teach you how to enjoy uterine, vaginal, clitoral, mixed and multiple orgasms.

Uterine orgasm

We begin with the hardest of all orgasms, but one of the most pleasant. Arousal has to be taken in to account if we want to make that our escorts in Marbella reach lip biting pleasure with a uterine orgasm.

When you’re at the climax of the relationship it is the time the girl is more excited, then the uterus goes forward and allows penetration into the posterior vagina. The result is pure pleasure with one of the most secret orgasms that can teach you the girls relax Marbella.

Vaginal orgasm

Although penetration is usually the dominant mode in most sexual relationships, not all women manage to reach ecstasy with the vaginal orgasm. This way of enjoying sex is closely associated with the “G-spot”. That elusive thing you can reach to achieve the highest levels of pleasure in women.

Our girls relax in Marbella will help you find the G-spot and excite it with various techniques that also men enjoys, when done correctly.

Clitoral orgasm

It is also known as “clitorial” orgasm. It has to be said that to achieve climax, penetration is not required. This form of excitation is more subtle and discreet, if it’s needed. just have to know how to move your fingers or other “help” to make women enjoy to the fullest, while you can also pay attention to other erogenous zones of the female body. The secret is patience and knowing how to make the right movements with the right intensity, which the “escorts in Marbella” teach masterfully.

Mixed orgasm

The combination of vaginal orgasm with clitoral stimulation results in the greater sex enjoyment that can be achieved in a relationship. “Escorts in Marbella” greatly value this dual functionality in men who are good with the fingers and more…

Multiple orgasms

Few men reach the level of excitement in escorts in Marbella as to make them enjoy an orgasm again and again in the same relationship. It is what is known as multiple orgasms. But it’s something you can learn and practice with the collaboration, experience and knowledge of the girls relax in Marbella. Real goddesses in the arts of love with whom you’ll enjoy sex like you have always wanted and they can teach you, if you want.

Ready to discover the fascinating world of orgasms?

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