The most famous escorts of all time

There are many famous escorts whose names have been written forever in history. Some are featured in paintings, others in movies and also, there are biblical characters. We suggest you a walk through their lives.

It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. This has allowed that some of the women involved in this business have gone down in history as famous escorts, muses that have inspired artists of all genres.

Since empresses, muses of painters, through real stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood, this historical walk reveals the interesting experiences of these women, who, with his charm, made many men and women happy at different ages.

Escorts with history

Madame Pompadour

In fact, she is one of the most influential and famous escorts from France. His real name was Jeanne Antoinette Poisson. Her belonging to the court of Louis XV allowed her to be in touch and sodomize the king himself and few influential personalities who went to Versailles. Voltaire once said that without her and her work, the Age of Enlightenment would have been impossible.

Victorine Meurent

Even today we can contemplate her perky breasts with which she performed massages to her customers; and her red hair that inspired the artists to whom served as a model. Although it was Manet who made her reach the fame. The painter immortalized her in “The picnic” exhibit at the prestigious Louvre Museum in Paris.

Joan Crawford

One of the few well known escorts who has never or almost never was with men. Before turning to film, Lucille LeSueur (real name of this Hollywood actress) she made real the hidden passions of great women. It was precisely one of her grateful clients who took her to Warner Bros, where he recorded Johnny Guitar.

Theodora of Byzantium

In the sixth century the Cretan youth had few opportunities rather than working in a brothel. Years later she converted to Christianity and changed the profession of seamstress, giving her the opportunity to fall in love with Justinian, the former emperor. Being Empress, she ensured to promote severe punishment to those who favored prostitution.

Julia Bulette

Actually, she never came into prostitution, but it has gone down in history as the biggest brothel owner of Virginia (with the most beautiful women, it is said). The same that years later became a refuge for fugitives and then in a makeshift hospital that along with their girls, helped to attend the sick people with typhus.

Maria Magdalena

Actually, she was considered as one of the first prostitutes. Her story is narrated by the Bible and is known by all. It was Jesus himself who changed his life, prompting clashes between his own followers.

Belva Gaertner

In the beginning she got clients who dazzled with his erotic dances in a house in Chicago. One night, she stabbed a man who tried to blackmail her. After being released, the film industry noticed and allowed her to star in a movie of her own life “Chicago” . It is certainly the famous escort with more interesting curriculum.

Without a doubt, this was an interesting walk through the history of the most well known escorts.

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