Experience with a VIP escort Estepona told in first person

This is a real experience of a client of the Elite Escorts Marbella agency who has decided to share his story with us, we thank him and the rest to congratulate us and appreciate our work. On this occasion, he asked us not to put even his initials for maximum discretion.

Life on the Costa del Sol is always an adventure in which the script is up to you.

After finishing a day of meetings in my last visit to the Costa del Sol, I arrived at the hotel I was staying in a fairly well-known chain, and began to take a shower that ended up being a relaxing bath.

Listening to the silence of the bathroom, the water splashing and seeing my wet body areas above water, I began to think that it was a perfect occasion to inquire about VIP escorts Estepona.

But I did not want just sex, which would have been easy on any page of contacts. I fancied a girl who was elegant, which know how to achieve an easy and pleasant conversation, which can celebrate with me tonight in an intimate restaurant to finish enjoying a pleasant time in my hotel room. I went to the Internet and started my search. Google quickly gave me the best option: Eliteescortsmarbella.com.

The truth is that I had requested the services of this Marbella agency, but this time I could also satisfy my desire of VIP escort Estepona, which was a surprise for me. Whenever I call this agency, the voice that answered me gives me sign that is the time to start enjoying…

What a sensual female voice, all sympathy, providing maximum service with a smile that goes beyond the sense of hearing to become visible and palpable! Too bad she is never available…

They recommended me a girl who could fulfill my wishes for the evening and I accepted his proposal. I do not regret it.

She came to my hotel room, but after a brief chat, I asked her out to dinner. He was hungry and just wanted a female companion for a restaurant that had advised the hotel concierge.

After a few laughs and some complicity during the meal, my desire to undress her slowly grew and grew.

After a coffee and a drink we headed back to the hotel, where I planned to finish my night to explore this beautiful VIP escort Estepona.

Still smiling and with lips that did not stop kissing my neck, we began to undress each other. Our breaths quickened and even began to simulate moans. While she was giving me a natural French, I made a mental note to thank that girl behind the phone the next time.

But it was only the beginning…

His body was very stylized but with perfect measurements. Her passion in bed was admirable! Her perfume fit perfectly in the male puzzle that is a woman’s body. Her commitment for giving pleasure, as one can expect from the VIP escort Estepona.

We both enjoyed the moment… I think. She packed up and left, leaving me with a strange sense of nostalgia, desire and happiness. The truth is that I slept that night like a baby.

Physically exhausted but still with the taste of her skin on my lips, I remembered her body and started to get excited again.

It was a tough night to forget. In fact, I have to come back in a few weeks to this wonderful area of the Costal del Sol and I already have thought a new plan with the VIP escort Estepona. I wish only to call back eliteescortsmarbella.com to hear that lovely voice say, “Yes, it’s available for you tonight”

And I promise to write about it!

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